• I have never taken a yoga class before. Are classes open to beginner students?
    Yes. Know that for the first 1-5 classes you may feel lost or confused but that is normal for the learning process. With practice and time your mind and body will acclimate too work together and move more efficiently. Be patient with yourself and trust our teachers to guide you. We have specific beginner classes in Belly dance and Yoga to help you jump in as a newbie.
  • What are the differences among all of the yoga classes offered?
    All our classes at the studio are considered Vinyasa style, which means that poses flow together in sequences and sun salutations set the rhythm for class. All classes contain some level of breath work, focus and meditation, chanting and relaxation. Gentle Yoga- There are not standing poses in this class. One will still work hard while being nice to the joints. Seated, kneeling, lying down and modified inversion poses are practiced. Yoga for tight muscles- This class warms up of the floor and throughout class focuses on opening the shoulders and hips using props, modifications and the barre. Full sun salutations aren’t done. Vinyasa- We use the sun salutations to create a starting point to experiment with the poses learning new variations that explore the abilities both the mind and body. Ashtanga- Begins with sun salutations and moves through a set sequence of poses that challenge the mind and body gaining in both strength and flexibility in order to create change.
  • How do I know if a class is canceled?
    Our goal is not to cancel classes but there are times when this is necessary. The schedule on the site is updated every 15 minutes so check here whenever you want. We also update on Facebook daily https://www.facebook.com/pages/Movement-Journeys/136793853029731
  • I want to take a class. What do I do before coming in for the first time?
    The first place to start is with class descriptions. Read these to find classes that appeal to you. Then look at class schedule to see when the class you want to take is available. You can come in 5 minutes before class is scheduled to take place and sign up in person or you can click sign up beside the class name and create a profile and pay online.
  • What times is there someone at the studio? Can I drop by anytime?
    Mainly there are only people at the studio when classes are scheduled. Usually the studio opens 5-15 minutes before class.
  • When I buy a class package, what classes does that give me access to?
    Regular class packages and monthly packages give you access to take any class or combination of classes you want to take. Limited class packs are limited either by time of day it can be used or are limited to only being able to take 1 type of class. Limited exist for early am (before 8am) and Zumba only class packs.
  • I do not have my own yoga mat or props. Are there any available at the studio?
    Yes, we have mats and props to use for free. We also have belly dance hip scarves and props available as well.
  • I have an injury and have been afraid to take any group classes. Is it safe for me to take class?
    All injuries and people are different so it is hard to say without meeting you. In general we ask you to try your best in class while being aware of what your body is telling you it needs. We can give many modifications to help people with any limitation. Come on in class and try. It may be useful to start with privates first.What should I wear to class? Wear clothes that you feel comfortable to workout in but that aren’t overly baggy.
  • Do I need to register for class before coming in?
    It is only necessary for the early AM classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • How often does the class schedule change?
    We make changes 4 times a year, seasonally.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Cash, Check & all Credit Cards.
  • Do you have any discounts available?
    We have limited discounts for students, teachers and seniors (age 55 and over).
  • Where can I park my car when I come to class?
    Street parking is free.
  • Do you offer private lessons?
    Yes, Check out our Private and semi-private page for more information.