Swing Dance Classes

Happy New Year everyone!
We are continuing our 4 weeks series of Beginners and adding a new Pre-Intermediate (I) swing dance classes, starting Saturday January 11th.
4 weeks of fun and exhilaration that will start your new year on a positive and healthy note.

NISSREENB&WSwing is a vintage American partner dance that was practiced between the 20′s and 50′s to Jazz and big band music. Wikipedia definition of Swing dancing

Please note that this series is sequential, therefore, no drop ins after first week please. Skipping more than one lesson is not recommended as you will have to catch up on your own. We are trying to be fair to those who commit to learning with us and maintain a flow and efficiency in our classes.

Starts: Saturday January 11th
Ends:  Sunday February 2nd

2:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M. Basic Six (beginners)
3:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M Pre-Intermediate (1)

Saturday 18th, Sunday Feb 2nd 4-4:30 P.M. free practice session.


Beginners Basic Six:
No Prior dance experience needed. Our teacher Nissreen Almazouni will be covering the basic 6 count step, proper posture, hand hold, rhythm, plus a few basic and simple variations to get you started on the dance floor.

Pre Intermediate (I):
Prerequisite is Basic Six class or being comfortable with basic six count steps. Some triple steps knowledge is a plus.
We will continue on our triple step six count patterns and introduce a few simple 8 count movements. We will also start building your movement vocabulary so you can start social dancing. Proper technique and connection will also be discussed.

You don’t need to bring a partner but if you do you will get a discount. So bring a friend*, the more the merrier.
There will be a half an hour guided practice session after class on the second and forth week with instructor DJ-ing , dancing and answering your dance related questions.
Please wear comfortable clothes, flat comfy shoes and bring water.

Pay through Movement Journeys package or:
$75 (in cash please) paid at the beginning of class ($65 for returning students)
No make-ups & no refunds.

If you are paying via studio packages, please check our price page on the website.
* Discounts:
$5 off if you confirm attendance via email before January 10th noon (nosa56@gmail.com).
$10 off if you bring a friend with you (who registers for full month).
$10 off for under grad student with proper college ID.
$10 off if you took Basic six with same instructor before.
No combined discounts. Discounts don’t apply to packages.

We can’t wait to get you swingin’!