Welcome to Movement Journeys!

Get off the sidelines and take charge of your journey!

Our studio offers everything from yoga to belly dance all under one roof!

Check out the schedule, see what excites you, and come to class!

Pre-registration is not required to take classes.

What’s Happening:

200hr Yoga Teacher Training starting November 6th.

Open house happening soon!

Fundraising for new floating dance floor coming soon!.


Belly Dance lessons.. every Monday at 8 p.m. with our very talented instructor Audie.

Swing dance classes are continuing.  A new series starts the first  Thursday of every month.
You can use your package of 4 or more classes to attend the beginner class only (4 lessons per month).
You must sign up for all 4 lessons.  No drop-ins please and NO groupons.

7-8 p.m. Beginner swing
9-8 p.m. Pr-Intermediate
Our Bodies, our Minds and our Souls are built to ACT, SHIFT, & GROW.

Find freedom, create change and build health through movement.
Learn to uncover possibility, reach for opportunity and enjoy well-being, not just on the weekend or on vacation but daily, hourly, continuously…
Get off the sidelines and be an active participant in YOUR journey.

We ask you to avoid strong perfumes and scents. kindly silence you electronics. No food in the studio. Please leave your shoes & belongings in the changing area. If you are late, enter the space quietly and join the class with minimal disruption.

Always remember…the hardest part is coming into class.

Our Studio Goals:
We want to share with you our foundational ideals for Movement Journeys which we feel confident that you hold dear as well.


  1. Professional Quality- To provide quality teachers & classes along with having quality relationships among management, staff and students.
  2. Comfortable Retreat- To create a space where all are welcomed regardless of skill, shape, size, background or experience.
  3. Positive community- To cultivate a place where we can remove obstacles, find potential & open opportunity.
  4. Respectful Haven- To build a safe & supportive environment where we let go of the stress, negativity & tension from the outside world.

All these ideals guide us in the practice of yoga, to find change, joy & freedom. We can then move out of pain emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually.

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